Bigfoot Killer2100 Network Interface Card Review



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Where was this stuff when I was stuck on dialup? I had software on top of software trying to get a decent ping... In these days of broadband goodness. This is just bragging rights, and it's the wrong kind of bragging rights too. The word "Poser" comes to mind. Save your money and upgrade to an ssd hdd or up your memory, Hell, upgrade a notch on your video card or get a decent power supply. This hardware is simpley overkill.



It's a little cheaper this time around isn't it? I guess I could Google that, but I'm bored and wanted to post something today ;-)


ok to add to this, would this help with racing games like Latency is a big issue with those types of games when your door to door. I know when I did it I spent a lot of money on modems, routers, nic cards to get everything just right and it did make a huge difference in that type of gaming. 



Glad to see its not worth it...


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