Bibble 5 Pro


Bibble 5 Pro

Bibble 5 Pro—one of the first applications to marry sophisticated raw editing with robust workflow management—has a loyal following among professional shooters. Earlier versions were criticized for an overly busy and inconsistent user interface, but version 5 has cleaned up most of those issues.

While its pure image-editing tools aren’t as extensive as Photoshop’s, Bibble 5 Pro does have most of the basic cropping, selection, and layering tools you’d need for digital photo editing—it’s a photographer’s tool, not a general image editor. On the raw side of life, Bibble 5 gives you meticulous control over exposure, color correction, vignette correction, and a host of other parameters, allowing you to fine-tune a photo’s final look. As with Lightroom, Bibble 5 Pro is nondestructive, so if you get lost and don’t like what you’ve done, reverting back to the original is easy.

Bibble 5 offers a complete environment for digital photography workflow.

One of the app’s strong suits is noise reduction, since it includes the basic version of the highly regarded Noise Ninja plugin. Bibble 5 Pro also includes several other cool plugins, including Andrea’s film-simulation plugin (perfect if you’ve ever wanted your photo to look like it was shot on Ilford FP4 film and printed on BN Afga MultiContrast paper). That said, Bibble lacks Photoshop integration, so loses out on that rich set of filter possibilities.

Where Bibble 5 Pro really shines is in format conversion, processing our 100 12-megapixel Nikon raw files in a stunning 48.3 seconds. To wit: Bibble 5’s blazing conversion process was six times faster than anything else! During the conversion process, all eight processor threads were completely pegged 100 percent of the time. Bibble 5 Pro is a shining example of an efficiently threaded application.

It takes a little time to adapt to Bibble’s use of layers and selections, particularly if you’re used to Photoshop, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to selectively edit sections of the photo. In the end, Bibble 5 Pro is a full-time tool for full-time photographers, but it’s been somewhat eclipsed by Adobe’s Lightroom, even though it’s arguably more powerful.

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Bibble 5 Pro


Great noise reduction; robust layer support; interesting plugins; tons of control over photographic settings.


Inconsistent UI; occasionally crashes in Windows 7 64-bit; steep learning curve.




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So I relied on Maximum PC's review of Bibble 5 and went ahead and got the program.  Boy was that a mistake!  It seems that the developers are primadonnas when it comes to DNG, and they refuse to support "converted" DNG - only native DNG.  Well, how many professional cameras support native DNG?  I can think of one off the top of my head.  My Canon 5D Mark II is not one of them - with so many other options out there supporting converted DNG and Bibble developers abjectly refusing to support it for outdated and tired reasons, I think Bibble 5 is completely out of the running.  It's almost like it doesn't support JPG, it would just be a disaster.

So if you want a workflow management tool that supports popular formats, Bilbble 5 is NOT one of them; Save your money.




How about something to take the nice shots from my Z10fd, look across them and mask the noise from the persistent (CCD-native) noise levels unless the shot type is unique, and follow some scripts from there?  I know Adobe products look for workflow hints like that, and can do the subservient-filter role they're supposed to, but where's that part of Bibble?  Not even an AdLink (or FutureBiff, or whatever) for a likely price online....

 Come to think of it, why are color rendering bits (not counting virtual photo if some Sims are running a sham stock house for me and will get the photo on demand) not embedded with this?  I'm supposed to be looking at the 100-pixel spectrograph and separating out features myself?  I think I'll render to JPEG2000 and cut the camera noise profile detail like I have before!  In IrfanView with a cheap LizardTech Plugin!

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