BFG GeForce GTX 295



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The nvidia GTX 295 has now become a single PCB graphics card with the two GPU's on the single PCB. The new configuration eliminated the dedicated HDMI port and brings back th DVI/HDMI adapter. nvidia has done this to save money on production costs as the previous version of the 295 was just breaking even at the price they were selling it at.

I hate to say this, but I used to depend on MaximumPC for technical information and direction. Something has gone very wrong with their publication; both print and electronic (internet) versions. One of the previous comments said that the Best of the Best section isn't up to date. I agree with that and would like to add that it should be easier to navigate to what you want to see.

I ended my dual relationship with PCMagazine and MaximumPC when I cancelled my PC Magazine subsciption. I'm not feeling the strong connection with MaximumPC anymore. Maybe it's a phase, maybe it's because of the economy, maybe they just have the wrong people at the helm now. I hope they fix this soon.

And yes...bring back "The Dog".



help me!!!!!  i have 2 216 core 260 bfg's sitting here paid for.


do i want to trade up or just install the suckers?  these in sli will be damn close to the 295 correct?  i know that something is on the horizon for windows 7/direct x 11, but this will kick ass, correct?????

thanks for some help!!!!!



Max PC, can u guys pleae update the best of the best section, it's been like that forever I think



i can't believe you guys don't mention price in these reviews anymore. at least give up the msrp! otherwise i might as well get my reviews at a site that includes ALL the info i need.



BFG GeForce GTX 295

Just in case you missed our review of the new GTX 295 reference board last month, we’ll revisit the high points,



will find something else to wow us with, and stop selling their sh*t for them, high ass out of reach video cairds, I just wanted to log on and and know about it, but this is some old stuff, jump off their d*cks and get with the real! 

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