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I saw the GTX featured in the Fall & Winter issue and it was the reason I got the GTX 280!

I'm surprised they don't monitor and remove a couple of the bad mouth jerks such as gatorXXX that are on here.

On my Corvette forum I run, they wouldn't last 5 minutes!!!





LOL, funny. Somehow maximum PC upholds the whole first amendment by allowing freedom of speech and opinions. I didn't use any ACTUAL bad was censored by changing the, you would never see me on your corvette forum as I am not a chevy fan! Plus I don't call other people names like you! Go stick that up your tail pipe!



Well, there's an interesting debate going on now Efficiency vs. Performance vs. Price. Here's my take.

-If you're a person who doesn't have a lot of money or doesn't need extreme performance, go with ATi.
-If you're a speed freak, hevy duty power user, game junkie with a large budget, nVidia is your game.
-Hardware junkies who want bragging rights, nVidia again.
-HTPC users, quiet PC types or low energy consumption folks, ATi is your best bet (runs cooler and quieter).

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



I don't think you can truly compare the 280 and the X2, for this reason - I have a DS3 motherboard which has exactly one pcie slot.  So I need to know "what's the most kick-assedness" I can stuff into one slot.  SLI'd 280's may be awesome, but that doesn't help me at all. 


Pound for pound Sugar Ray may have been the greatest boxer ever, but Butterbean could have kicked his ass.  In some cases size does matter.





well dude, the x2 goes into one pcie slot. and it outperforms the 280, as you can see on the benchmarks. So if your motherboard can harness it, I don't see why not.



I'm pretty sure that when I upgrade it'll be to a pair of 4870x2 in crossfireX and dropping My overclocked 8600/GT/SE the first chance I can; given the price of the products to choose from. I have to admit though; My current Nvidia card has overclocked well and stable; However,like the previous posters have stated, I go where the price/performance meets. Right now; Thats not Nvidia.

The grass is always greener on the other side.




I just don't get the last post on here...First of all The price that's quoted was probably the price when they reviewed the card before the price cuts nVidia had to make...

secondly, they DID mathc ONE GTX280 to ONE ATI 4870 for those test results...

I have used ATI products and nVidia products interchangably...who ever has the best card for what I need I go with them...right now nVidia is just trying to pound their way through the innevitable realization that ATI is catching up and they have nothing to put in ATI's way at the same price point or efficency...This seems like a stop gap solution that they are trying to hype up far too much...

I am currently running an ATI 4850 and the thing runs cool and quiet while my friend built a rig and has one of these cards in it and it is true, the thing runs hot and loud...

all im saying is read the article properly first and then post a comment instead of trying to bash someone about their opinion and then fall flat on your face when you're wrong.



where u buy GTX 280's ....really on the street? Newegg has them for 450 nowaday and at least EVGA is offering 125 cash back for the early adopters that payed 600 for the cards....


I 2nd the motion that if ur gonna bench GPU's then play fair...number of cards dont count...number of GPU's is what matters...put TWO GTX 280's against the 4870 X2 not one....thats plain lame

...and unless you are trully trying to Nvidia bash  ...quit sayin they run hot....with only 5x 80mm case fans and the vid card fan at 90%   I cant GET the GTX280 above 45-46C




Cause Nvidia is a money grubbin' whore that doesn't care what you think. They think thier shiot don't stink and can charge what ever they want cause Nvidiots like you that keep it that way!

Don't like it?? Piss Off!!


Keith E. Whisman

I don't understand the other posters here but I'm a MaximumPC HighTech enthusiast. I don't care if it's the size of an Abrams Tank if it's the fastest most powerful then at any price it's worth it. The GTX280 just plain kicks ass and so does the ATI 4870X2.

Since the 4870X2 is two GPU's in a single slot then I would have to match it up against two GTX280 cards in SLI and see who wins that fight. It would be two GPUs versus two GPUs it's a fair fight.

As for the question of do we really need that much power? it's a stupid question. Really a stupid question. Everyone that loves PC gaming will want the GTX280 in SLI and when even faster and more powerfull cards are released I'll be begging for those.

I just bought two 8800GTS video cards nine months ago and they are running in SLI. I'll upgrade with the next generation past the GTX2xx series cards. But that's only because I'm so poor.

So YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES we need this power and even lots more.  



I would loveto love this card but its a step in the wrong direction.  ATI has shown its determination to domore with less. nvidia has no concern with efficiancy and has again shown that they need a HUGE, HOT,and POWER Hungry card too compete with ati. what really make me laugh is that originaly the 280 was a $700 card. i refuse to go nvidia because of this mentality. and seriousy ati isnt a bad choice anymore the days of poor driver support are over. and the harware is up to snuff too nobody ever remembers nvidias failures. hello the gerfore 5 series, not to be confused with the geforce 5 fx series and im sur nvidia has released a few bad drivers. 

 dont be mislead though, this is the current king of the hill. but hey consider ati you wont be dissapointed either way



I really want to love this card. It is at the top of the heap, after all. Future driver revisions might even open up some seriously awesome PhysX action and even some cool encoding functionality.

But for some reason I can't let go of my AMD 4870 fanboyism. It is just so much more bang for your buck, and with a little bit of TLC (reapplying thermal paste) you can quiet it WAY down while bringing temps down 10-20 Celsius at the same time. 

If anyone asks me what the most powerful GPU is on the market right now, I still tell them it is a GTX280. But I still recommend the 4870 ahead of it. 

*feels shame* 

That said, I can't wait for the GTX280 vs 4870X2 shootout. 



Yadda yadda yadda, snork, bleeeeep, yadda.....same ole shiot.

Don't like it? Piss Off!!

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