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I visited Niagara Falls recently and I stayed in a hotel which was had a 4 star rating. They have free internet and I did not experience any problems with their wireless router.

So next time I'm going to visit Niagra Falls with my family I know where I'm staying.




i bought one of these routers at Xmas. after setting router up i only had one problem, my playstation 3 would not connect, well it would for ten minutes or so. some times it would not pick up wireless signal. i tried everything. gave up after sever hours. i have a laptop, ipod & xbox360 which connected fine. back to my belkin n1.. on the signal part i was very pleased



I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Hell will freeze over before I buy another Belkin product.

 Maxpc, why did you even bother with this?

I'm lovin my Trendnet TEW-671BR. You should review it.

I get 54 Mbps at 250 feet away from it, and that's through 2 walls.



I got this router from Costco cause of the USB & to upgrade to N.  It is a total turd.  Was the most difficult router I ever tried to connect to.  I'm sure using a mixed Win 7 & Vista setup didn't help.  I would knock off other computers and I have all my wireless comps no more than 20 feet away with no obstructions and would get 1995 type connection speeds.  Forget about YouTube or anything modern, made the internet unusable.  File transfers were ok, I suppose.  Would have been nice to test it with N cards, but now it's boxed up to be returned to Costco



Cnet review both of these routers a year ago. The WRT310N and Belkin N+ were also similarly put head to head. Not to mention that the 310 is older and is only Draft N.



Belkin....need we say more?

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