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AVG 2011 has been released.
It does have rootkit protection, though I can't say how well it works.
I've been using AVG free since, hmm, version 5 or 6, I think, and I've not had a single non-user-surfing-error infection the entire time.

Hopefully we'll see an updated review in the nearish future.



For a couple of reasons:

1. It was less effective than my current AV at the time.
2. After going to go back to AVG, I realized how much more a bloatware app it became.

I used AVG in the past because it worked and it was lightweight. The lightweight aspect being one of the big factors for me. Now, that it has become bloated, I doubt I will go back to it.


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



I am a computer technician for a fairly large retail company. I see maybe about 9-15 virus removals come into our store a week. You've got the 3-4 that have no security at all. Then you get into the ones with AVG, Avira, MSE and yet they are free but still come in for a virus removal. Or the free ones from your internet provider. The one I see the least are Symantecs 360, and Internet Security. Its so rare that this year I have only seen one with a virus. Not saying that its perfect, Iam just saying that you get what you pay for. I am seeing a bigger trend of people using free out of date security software. Then when they do get infected that cant beleive the cost of the removal and then if they come in during a sale the price of the software can be as low as $29.99. Now for that cost it can out way the gamble of going with the free stuff. Plus if you have issues with the software you are aforded tech support. On average it can cost a customer $200-400 for a system repair after a virus infection. When you include the people that do not backup files to some type of media. And need there stuff backedup. And if $29.99 and help prevent this issue then why not go with it. Its a lot more reasureing then taking a craps shoot. Like in Vegas some times you win other times you can loose alot.



i hat mse. i got windows 7 with that nag system actin center. i went to the link an found mse the only free one.itry it.runs perfect for like 3 months then just crashes. wont update. i get a bunch of viruses. wont uninstall so i can reinstall. im using avg free 90 and i love it. havent had a virus since



I've used Avast and AVG and they, at least for me, don't come close to the convenience and functionality of MSE. Very surprising considering that it's a free Microsoft utility, but I felt more hassled by AVG and Avast for their free versions. MSE doesn't bug me and runs far more discretely than AVG and Avast ever did. I don't mean to downplay AVG especially, it did its job and I was grateful for it since I could not bring myself to spend $50 on Norton or McAfee. AVG is a pretty good anti-virus utility and it certainly saved my butt a couple of times. Just prefer MSE now and I hope Microsoft continues improving it as well as they have since its release.



what AV software one uses if they don't use common sense while on the internet. A friend asked me to take a look at his computer because it was running very slow and seemed "to have a virus" It had 48 differnet infections and it took me a couple of days to get it cleaned off. At one point I thought I was going to have to throw in the towel because one particualr bug kept reappearing and reinstalling itself. I finally was able to manually remove it. I installed the same AV software that I use (I have had one virus in 20 years of computing) and ran the system for another 24 hours without incident. About a month later he calls me again with the same complaint. Guess what? His system had 36 new infections. Of course he uses Limewire and frequents P2P sites on a regular basis so it didn't surprise me. I cleaned him up again but told him next time he is on his own.



Yeah.  Aren't those just the BEST types of friends or, in my case, family??  :))



I know it's technically not an anti-virus anymore, but does anybody use it to supplement their AV?

 I mostly use AVG now because it seems to have the fewest annoyances among the freeware.  Although I am trying MSE on one PC and like it so far.

Avira may be a good AV but between the constant pop-ups, horrible UI, and limiting the number of exceptions you can specify...I just can't stand it.



for the second or third time. MPC totally ignore Avast in their free AV reviews.

in many way Avast 5 is really great free AV with many features that overcome all other free AV.

give it a try and u will not be dispointed.

MPC is my home page



Sorry to break it to you, but MPC most certainly did review Avast. Look through the main article again - it's about halfway down, under MSE.


The actual review: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/reviews/avast_internet_security



AVG's heuristics leave a lot to be desired compared to numerous offerings.  I suppose that the vast majority of AVG users dont have the option checked anyway or dont understand what the term even is.



 I used to use AVG a few years ago. I since changed to Avast along with all the other pcs in the house. I love it and its gotten even better. I'm almost half-tempted to give this AVG a try just for the hell of it.... maybe.


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Windows Defender doesn't have Anti-virus. Its only Anti-spyware. Thats why Microsoft came out with Microsoft Security Essentials.  


Anybody running Windows Defender as their only anti-malware program is a "dumbell.) 


SPAM filter?



Sorry to break this to you, fanboy, but Windows 7 is not perfect in security. Plus, you shouldn't be calling people dumbells if you can't even use proper grammar in your sentences. There are plenty of security vulnerabilities in any of the pieces of software of Windows 7, and Windows Defender is not only severely outdated, it was never too great to begin with.

Defender was generally for Windows Vista and was replaced by the newer Microsoft Security Essential, IN 2009!



Thanks Paul for finally comparing AVG. Its nice to know my AV of choice is still among the best. Im running a mixed network of PC's running XP, Vista, and 7. Everyone boots up in less than a minute due to proper optimization so boot times are obviously not an issue for me. Scans happen in my absence so again not an issue. The only people these times would impact are people who try to scan while using or waiting for the PC to complete the scan and I still dont understand why anyone would do that but some do. The biggest reason for me to use AVG is because it just hasnt failed me yet. Ive had one virus in the last few years and it can be traced to my own stupidity. Doing axactly what I tell others in my household not to. Boy did I hear it about that one. I guess its funny when the Tech Guy fails to follow his own rules. LOL 

 With that being said those times posted are usefull and have me thinking maybe I might try running Avira on one of my spare machines for a bit. Seems like a step better than AVG.  

Nice Job Paul 



Glad you found it useful. The toughest part about doing these roundups is deciding which ones to include and which ones to put off until a later date. We wanted to include as many new faces as possible, and since AVG received double coverage in last year's roundup (we reviewed both the free and paid versions), it got pushed to the side. FWIW, we received more requests for AVG than any other security program.




Thank you for reviewing!! I've been dying for this since the lineup came out a few months ago.





MS Security Essentials FTW!!!!



I have never noticed slowed boot times after installing AVG.  Now with Norton and other AV programs I have noticed some Norton and McAfee are the worse I have seen.  AVG and Avira are the best about not slowing it down. 



"AVG" got cut off on the bottom there, so it just says "Anti-Virus 9" - I had to double take and then click it because it looked at if you guys were pushing some scareware. :P



I've been using AVG free from version 8. The only thing I don't like about 9 is the link scanner. Which can simply be not-installed during setup.

I never noticed slow boot times, but that could be the RAID 0.



The last I checked AVG Free didn't have Rootkit detection. 



That may be true but I haven't had a virus in over 3 years.

It really comes down to the stupidity of the user. If the person is willing to install what ever he comes across it doesn't matter what antivirus software you have running, the computer is doomed.

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