AVADirect Core 2 CrossFire DDR3 Gaming System



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It absolutely blows me away these criminals are getting good
reviews from supposedly legitimate company's.

AVA Direct took over $4200.00 from me and sent me a refurbished
component filled paperweight that was supposed to be a state of the
art gaming machine.

When I called Misha Troshin to complain I was threatened and told
that I would comply with his wishes "or else

No bad reviews, no bad press, no
talking to anyone about the used/repaired parts in the
notebook.......no nothing. It was “just business” he kept telling


This man is a criminal sociopath. He
has repeated threatened and slandered me over the course of 2 years
and thumbed his nose at a court order to pay me a paltry sum of
$3500.00, barley ¾ the cost of my paperweight.

This man couldn't tell the truth if he
was paid a thousand dollars a second to do it.

And he just keeps getting away with it.

He has a stable of phony persona's and
peachy reviews he trots out at the drop of a dime as he spends the
entire work day scanning the internet for negative posts to refute
and fake replies to post.

Reviews like the above make me sick, it's this kind of phony non-sense that tricked me into giving these criminals my money 2 years ago !

Hey Maximun PC, why don't you give me back my $4200.00 since yuor professional opinion of AVA Direct is so great ?

Lord knows those scumbags are never going to come clean.




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The ONLY reason anybody who knows anything about computers will get one built for them, is cause they don't want to bother watercooling/peltier cooling the CPU and the GPUs. Anybody else is LAZY. In fact, scratch that, I really don't think anybody is ALLOWED to proclaim themselves as computer-savvy by ordering a high end PC, no matter how difficult the configuration. HOW is there a market for these things? 


Misha Troshin

Hey guys,

 I can understand your confusion as to why we did not choose Core i7 for this rig. MaximumPC was kind enough to offer us this review opportunity mid August this year and while timing is everything in this business, unfortunately it was not on our side this time as we sent it in early September therefore by Intel's NDA we were not allowed to disclose any info on Core i7 though we had demo parts in stock in June.

 Feel free to browse our site and give us a shout as we have plenty of configs for any taste, level of expertise and size of the wallet.

 We wish you all Happy Holidays and hope to serve your computer needs in 09!

Misha Troshin
Sales Manager, CMO



They should have just threw in a RAID controller and do RAID 5 for some fault tolerance.



Hmmm Maybe a Core i7 extreme and a Gigabyte EX58 Extreme Mobo would be more worth 6,000 bucks. Also a different Raid, I have to much music and shit to lose it all becasue of a Raid failure. But I guess if you already have an Portable HDD you can just back everything up on it, but if you don't have any measure of backup your risking alot.


IMO I would go with the nVidia anyday, I'm just not feelin AMD :/



and what's with the + and - names? ben stien is so much better than ben stiller.



LOL what a rip off you could build x58 system that would kill that thing for half the price!PLus for 6k why on earth would they put cheap red caths in there !



woah is the psu on the bottom?

that's weird...  



it's not common-common, but it's pretty common in high-end full towers, cause heat goes up, so they use the PSU's spot for better airflow.



Actually its pretty common...



Could have been better (why no X58?) but looks amazing

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