Auzentech X-Fi Home Theater HD



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Well This one has the best GPU's on the market now. Home Theater
But it lacks in velociraptors which are poor value for money. Well I am Trying for may as well go for a solid state drive for less noise, heat and zero vibration.



The modern soundcard market is evolving very fast and bringing new features, supports and formats to the end users.  The current market landscape involves many companies battling for the top spot in the market place and of course your hard earned audio dollars. The Auzentech is a great product and I'm recommending this to every person out there who wants to have a great sound system at home.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing



After hastling with Power DVD 9 Ultra's inability to play some BD & even DVD movies for the past 18 months (my drive wouldn't even recognize the Xmen trilogy, even with a recent firmware update) and it's limited support for HD audio devices, I bought a standalone player. Now I can enjoy HD audio and hastle free movie playback. Sorry but but setting up a pc for BD & HD audio is just too buggy and expensive for enjoyable movie viewing.



does it have Pro Logic II and dolby headphone? Creatives stuff is OK but I like dolbys stuff more

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