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All I know is I have been using the Asus Xonar D2X for 2 years now with my Logitech Z5500's and it sounds incredible, blows X-Fi (my backup card) away on every level. When I was using the X-Fi with the speakers, I thought the speakers were crappy. When I installed the D2X, they really came alive! I was hearing the deficincies of the X-Fi, not the speakers. 


burning panda

I bought this expecting a modest improvement in sound quality from my HTPC. FYI audiophiles have been using PC's to play hi quality DVDA, SACD material for a while and whilst i use the Essence to drive AKG 702 headphones, it has effectively replaced the $2000 SACD player - it's just that good. It's subtle and transparent and capable of being the heart of a very good sound set up. Cheapest and best piece of hi fi equipment i've ever owned. If you're looking for better noise in games i'm sure it will do that - likewise i wouldn't waste the money using it to power Logitech speakers. Unless you have actually USED this - in a TOP END system (stereo or surround) or intend to use it for such a purpose then you don't have a clue what it's capable of. Forget all the preconceptions about what a computer sound card is and as this reviewer does just listen to it.



this sound card designed for Music Enthusiastic, what do you expect mpc?

it's the highet quality sound card availabe in the market. (Built-in headphone amp)



Actually it's not, and it's hardly the only one, nor the first to put a headphone amp in their soundcard, frankly, they are the last.



Asus is hardly a leader is audio, if you are going to review audiophile level equipment, which I hardly think is REALLY part of PC's, then atleast review cards in remotely it's class. The Essence is VERy exspensive but doesn't really make up for it. Please compare this with true competitiors, Auzentech and HT Omega are two brands right off the bat, that offer not only better cards, but better prices for what you get. I personally have a Auzentech X-Fi Forte, and there has been nothing like it for me, also had their X-Meridian another great card and a HT Omega Striker, also a good card, not in the class the later two but reguardless, please make a solid review with other class speced parts not just "Oh I wonder how this RCA speaker will sounds against this Klipsch one!" No duh sherlock, of course it's better, not even same class!



Do you people even read the articles?  Or do you just like to bitch to bitch.

This is a card for people who don't necessarily want to put all the money into speakers because they use their headphones more or are comfortable with stereo speakers.

Of course your going to put more into a card if your looking to have surround sound or increase framerate for gaming.  he said that in the article.

Next time read before you comment.

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