Asus Xonar D2X



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I think this review is flawed based on what OS you are comparing! The X-fi cards will take the cake with the native EAX 5 in XP while the D2X has to use it's version of interpreting the output into it's own output. But when it comes to Vista, the D2X takes the cake! It offers far better stability than the X-fi and since the X-fi's own EAX is screwed up going through the OpenAL with Alcemy, it's basically doing the same thing that the D2X is doing! Instead of Creative fixing drivers for their cards to work, they release a new card (Titanium) that is broken and they make us pay extra to use extra features such as Dolby Digital! Plus, people are still complaining about problems with it's use in Vista x64!

IMO the Titanium should not have been used in DM08 and MPC needs to do a better job at reviewing sound cards.



As of when this article was written the Creative X-FI  Titanium Fatal1ty was PCI Express and supports EAX 5.0

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