Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Display Review



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I was hoping as such as it seems to be impossible to find a review for the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT so if it was the same it would save me the trouble.

What would be even nicer is that if somebody who owned the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT could tell me what the viewing angles are like, specifically as I want to use this all in one has a surface PC so it also would have to have good palm rejection technology.

also hoping that this wouldn't be a challenge as it uses the optical multitouch technology rather than the capacitive or resistive which I am familiar with.

Brian will you or another maximum PC staff member be reviewing the aforementioned ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT as it seems you are the only one to currently have the means to review this cutting edge 3-D early adopter equipment?

any help appreciated




I will not even consider anothor glossy reflective screen, not at any price, no matter what they put in the box.



Hi Michael, thanks for the review! The combination of a full hd 120 hz monitor WITH Nvidia's 3D Vision kit has me (and my wallet) intrigued. Quick question for you: did you notice what said about the display?

"The screen is glossy, but covered in some kind of anti-glare coating. On close inspection, it looks like the plastic screen cover is etched with thousands of wriggling lines. They're unnoticeable when the monitor is turned on; unless someone is right up on the screen itself, they're invisible. It's hard to say how much they actually help with reflections and glare - while the VG236H can't compete with matte screens on that front, it does seem to cope better with stray light than some glossy screens, like those found on Alienware's M11x notebook."

Since you didn't mention this plastic cover, I wondered if ASUS had changed something? Any info you have on that would be welcomed. Keep up the great work! GWS



The monitor always works at 120Hz, graphics drivers/card (when in 3dmode) seperate the signal to block the vertical or horizontal frame, so your eyes will see 3d at 60hz. 

Before plopping down money on 3D, you should probably do more research on it in my opinion.



Took you a while to review these 3D monitors as I am in the market for one for my next build. Sounds like this one appears to be a better choice than Acer's GD235HZ but you've failed to mention a feature these two are "possibly" capable of for those who could care less about 3D and more about "high HZ" gaming on LCD's (with the exception of TV's which still cost a wee bit more)

My question is, since these monitors separate 120HZ into two 60HZ to work with 3D glasses, is there a feature or switch of some sort to just game in regular "non-3D" on its native res (1920x1080p) to a tune of buttery smooth 120HZ?


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



Agree with smashingpumpin. I've been in the market for a 120hz and it's great to see MaximumPC reviewing one finally. However I have the same question. I don't care about the 3D glasses. How is it for normal gaming (without glasses) compared to 60hz LCDs? I'm talking ghosting factor here. While some gamers will say they don't see ghosting in their current 60hz LCDs if they were to compare it next to a crt they would then realize how bad thier LCD does ghost.



Plus.... if the grey/black was so bad that the fight scene in Watchmen was difficult to see, then how would Left for Dead 2 go over?  Not well, I would imagine.  I'd rather plop down an extra $50-$100 and get a better picture that I don't have to watch in the dark.



Reflective screen?? No deal. No DisplayPort, really no deal. Sounds like a 120 Hz cheapie T V with no tuner.


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reflective glass you would need to live in a dungeon in the dark

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