Asus RT-N56U Dual-band Wireless Router Review



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Had a Netgear wimax N300 yet wanted something with Qos so could prioritize wireless VOIP. STUPIDLY went with Asus. Web interface easy, setup a breeze. Speed no better than my Netgear on n (no 5gHz to test) and range notably worse. The signal for VOIP couldn't make it 50 feet without breaking up or causing echos on phone calls. I tried everything with firmware upgrades and Qos changes to make this thing work. Perhaps it's an acceptable modem, but for stuff like wireless VOIP (and prob media), it's a dog. Final straw: At 2 months, simply moved it to a different spot to try to improve signal in my condo. Plugged back in, power on but otherwise dead. I took my old Netgear 300N and plugged it into the very cables that did nothing for the ASUS, and got better VOIP and same wireless speed. Cannot recommend for VOIP or condo use. No response from ASUS on "2 year warranty". Junk.



The router works pretty good compare to my router that was provided by time warner (netgear)

I didnt know my laptop had a build in wifi-N so I was running up to 300mpbs

Since my cable connection is in the living room next to my living tv the new router looks perfect there, alot of friends and family ask what that black box is lol when they find out its a router their usually like, "nah for reals?"


My laptop runs the connection at 5Ghz, and I notice I was downloading more that my old router.  Old router went up to 2.5Mbps, this new router ran up to 2.8Mbps. Video files and documents I have in a server.  I'm having some packet loss issues since I got this internet provider, but is no big deal.  When I use my 360 I dont lag anymore and the bard are always green with my old router I would get from 2-3 bars.  The guest Network I'm not sure what that is, but I dont need it.  If I get guest I give them my passcode to use the internet.





why would they match this up with the Netgear WNDR3700? I know you guys said it was one of your favorite, but how about Netgear's top router WNDR4000.



I wish all routers looked this good, I have the matching/similar black carbon fiber USB dongle.

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