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I just bought a core i7 extrem cpu,  and a asus rampage III motherboard and it dosn't come anywhere close to some of these this section, you indicate the rampage II gets a cpu score of 48, 329 runing 3d mark vantage....but then under the asus rampage III gets a cpu score of only 18,569 running the same test...It looks like maybe you swaped gpu and cpu scores....what's up with that? I know my gpu could be faster as it's only a GTX 480....but you have to screwed the benchmark results somehow...a drop of 30,000 points between motherboards using the same socket, although a different chipset?....that can't be real!!!!




i've been running this board for 6 months now and i love it. it's pricey as hell and i'm not rich so i had to save a little to get it but i have no regrets. it's rock solid and does what's asked of it without throwing you any curves. i'm getting a consistent 3.60 GHz out of a i7-920 on the stock fan. no water. and it's so easy. i ask, it does. not bad for a relatively cheap cpu. it makes me want to burn this chip up on purpose just to see what it will take.





Article is a total cut and paste from the magainze from about 3 months ago.  ZZZzzz....



DMI PC Repair

Anyone who overclocks a i7 is retarded.  Or has more money than sense.  You buy low and go high.  Props to ASUS but a $400 board can only be justified if you don't have to manually set it up.  I'm a huge fan of the EPU-6 engine.  Auto overclocking to get out of rough spots is cool. 



To be completely honest, this is the best solution for i7 processors.  If you consider the fact that you won't need a sound card due to excellent onboard sound.  It is the P6T on steroids, and the premium is worth the stability and ease of overclocking. If the price for the full ATX board is to much go for the Rampage II GENE which has everything except you lose expansion pcie 1x slots.


Zoomer this kind of thing really necessary? Boards past $300 in price aren't justified. If you're going to OC, you better know what you're doing. Don't make it easy for the noobs. They should have to learn the hard way (or through studying up :I).


Also, I'd like to mention that for whatever reason, I had to login to view this, though this is the first time this has occured. Early access review or problem with the page?

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