Asus P6T Deluxe



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I have the V2 board, very good. They say it is improved, smoothed out and takes out the problematic SAS chip. I wish that they put 2 more SATA ports in place of them. I was surprised. I went from having just 1 SATA connection to 4.

The ExpressGate...well I have not tried it, but its always on startup so I might check it out sometime. 

Good reviews.



i own this board, great board... considering intels website and driver download, i don't think i could ever knowingly by a device from them... it's easier to download from an alternative site then through them, pathetic, and most of my downloads time out, and that's with multiple connections

expressgate is on it's own chip, which i would only believe has some onboard memory as well.  the idea of it is that with just the motherboard alone (and of course a cpu and memory), you can do basic functions with the PC.  i used it to test basic functionality of my hardware when i got the mobo, it can't really max out an i7, so just leaving it powered on, roaming the internet told me the board and other parts were not defective for the most part.  you can search files\photos through expressgate, but if you have a raid array, your assed out, which is stupid considering they could fit drivers on it somehow, especially if they know it's being teamed with certain raid chips.



Asus P6T

Core i7 920

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4x10,000RMP raptors (2xStriped Arrays)


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I really wish that one major improvement that Asus would make to ExpressGate, is including onboard memory for ExpressGate to operate. It's absolutely no good to have ExpressGate on one of your HDD's, an optical disc, or memory stick. HDD's fail, optical discs are very slow, and memory sticks stick out.

With this latest HDD issue with Seagate, if you had to send in your drive to be replaced, or just wait for Seagate to release a firmware that won't brick your drive, having ExpressGate on it's own onboard memory would be really nice. But, they need to straighten out their website and documentation first I guess...


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