Asus Maximus II Formula



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Would you be so kind as to tell those of us that toddle on in here (From a referal) whom aren't on the bleeding edge of knowledge just which MSI board you are referring to please?

Thank you.  :)



The MSI gets 400 more PCmarks, 300 more 3Dmarks, 3FPS more in the VPT and a whopping 30FPS more in FEAR and you call it a wash because Asus does a little better on some artifical irrelevant ram test?!?? The only thigns this ASUS beats it in is Pcmark Ram, SciMark and Q4. Q4 is the only bench where it was better by any signifcant margin.

Sorry but a few more ports that no one is going to use, non working sound and its color do not make up for it. The idea that the Asus is some how better because you dont like the looks of the heat sink on the MSI is bad.


Peanut Fox

This review is actually a few months old.  It could just be that the board was on fresh drivers.  The new ones may have negated or topped these numbers



Come on. Theres a new KICK ASS fear gaming coming out in Jan with even better tech specs. I dont see Q5 being released any time soon. I think the FEAR benchmark is JUST A LITTLE bit more relevant than that stupid ram test.



Am I the only one who couldn't help but chuckle every time I hit this?



I'm chuckling about you hitting a MIIF. Bravo! 



Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!



"dont want to pay for ddr3"


well no sh*t sherlock.......i recently read an article here on her about memory makers firing people and stopping production to raise prices on memory, i dont know about you guys but that seems kind of ass backwards, i mean, its the 21st century now, shouldnt top notch technology be more affordable to the average power user? or average joe for that? we will never make it to science fiction(minority report what i can compare it too) technology being the norm with people like that.

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