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ol Honest Jim

I've got one of these, but it needs a little more breathing room. I'm looking to upgrade it, but how much RAM can this thing take? I've read either 4 or 8 Gb; I'd prefer to max it out; can it really handle 8Gb? I have it on pretty good word that it'll fit (barely) one of the 1Tb hard drives too. We'll see about that.



They made another version of it called the 1201nl, but I'm having trouble finding a place that sells it. It's supposedly better, according to this one article. Then again, come on. It's just a netbook.



This netbook is the best one out there right now, in my opinion.  I've had one for almost five months now, and it is the best purchase I've ever made, besides my GTX 470 :P The keyboard is an absolute joy to type on, the screen looks great, it has a decent amount of RAM, dual-core Atom, and ION.  There's nothing I love about this thing more than being able to type up my AP English paper, then take it to work and play some Torchlight or Half-Life 2 when I'm on break.  The fact that this thing can game so competently for a computer of its type is what makes it so amazing.  And the battery life is an acceptable tradeoff - I find that 4-5 hours of word processing and web browsing is perfectly fine for me - I generally don't have much time to game on battery anyway.  I generally just use it plugged in, because now that school's over for me, I don't need to carry it to class - which, by the way, was made much easier because of this netbook.

My only real gripe with this computer is that it's so hard to find 9-cell batteries for it.  I've heard that other ASUS EE variants use the same type of battery, and that you can swap this 6-cell for one of their 9-cells, but I have yet to find one.  Oh, and this thing also has some serious trouble booting into Ubuntu from USB - it just won't let me.  For now I'm using an alongside partition of 9.10 until I can acquire a portable DVD drive so I can boot from CD.  And it took this review quite a while to appear; I think I read it over a month ago in the mag.




CPU - AMD Athlon X2 7750 @2.7GHz   

GPU - GeForce 470 1.2GB 320-bit GDDR5   

HDD - 1x WD Caviar Black 1TB@7200RPM, 1x WD Caviar Black 640GB   

OS - Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows Vista Home Premium x64, Ubuntu 9.10 x64   

Display - ASUS VW224@1680x1050 



 Hey! You're another 1201n user! Sweet! Every time I tell someone about my 1201n, they say, "Oh, well you can get a REAL notebook for the same price" (though most suck at 500 bucks) or, "You could've got an iPad." Well, practicality trumps style in my books!

The only thing that could beat one of these 1201n netbooks is the Alienware m11x.



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Meh, I just don't see the point. Screen is too small to be a serious laptop and it's too expensive to be a serious netbook.

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