Asus Eee 1002HA



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The specs look exactly like the 1000H, but with a 2-cell battery and a paint-job.  I like my 1000H a lot.  But, this looks no different.



For what i ran across that on another purchasing site there is the ASUS N10 Series (N10J-A1) running at a cost of about $680 has the Atom (1.6GHz) 2gb 533mhz ram, 10.2" (1024X600), 160gb SATA HDD, wireless N, 10/100/1000, Bluetooth, 6 cell battery, 3 USB's, and the one big thing thats decent is the 256mb geforce 9300M GS (256mb) video card for it...But saddly it doesn't include a DVD; but it had HDMI...go figure.

Kinda decent for a Netbook.



Robert Turner


Samsung has a netbook with all the above mentioned features PLUS an eight-hour run time.  Does any manufacturer offer anything close to it?  I think not.



The 1005 HA has a fantastic 9.5 hour battery life, though mine runs for more like 8 hours



I still can't get passed the ridiculously small 10 inch screen



People hung up on the screen size are obviously not the target audience for netbooks.  Portability is the key.  A larger screen means a larger footprint.  That's not the point with these.  I actually wish I had a netbook right now.  Taking notes during presentations on paper is a pain in the ass.  I type a lot faster than I write.  Small screen makes no difference to me. 

I'd much rather have something small like that which is portable for these kinds of situations than the full-size laptop that I have.  The laptop is nice since I can drag it around with me, but it's kinda crap for doing real work, and not small enough to be as convenient as a netbook.  Worst of all worlds really.


Keith E. Whisman

Is it capable of running OSX? I would get this netbook over any other. It's still way under what I want in a netbook but in another generation or so the tech will be there to give the experience I expect.

What I really want in a netbook is a touchscreen and an extremely thin slot loading DVD drive. It doesn't have to be all that fast of a dvd burner but I want one. Even if it's an add-on device that clips onto the bottom of the system or it's part of a docking station I expect one to come around.

Also I would like to see some integration of sensors like those that are found in a smart phone like my G1. At least give us an accellerometer. Allow me to turn the touch screen LCD around and be capable of closing the lid and turning this thing into a kind of nettablet. All this can be done without increasing costs all that much more than $400bucks.

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