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Anyone who bought this game should be ashamed of themselves. You are supporting the most asinine DRM method I have ever heard of. 

I can tell you that UBIsoft will absolutely never receive a dime of my money while they keep this travesty in place. Sure, I wanted to play ACII and the new Splinter Cell game, but not enough to suppor this lunacy.

You know users... Buncha bitchy little girls.



but I am soon to be leaving for Afghanistan. WHY OH WHY must the fates deny me the constant reliable internet connection required to play this? Why can't Ubisoft have mercy on me and others like me by not requiring an internet connection to play. They must know the sacrifices active-duty service members make for their customers here in America. Is it too much to ask that I be able to spend a few hours a week playing this wonderful game. Why does Ubisoft not care for us, WHY!!!


Oh yeah, now I remember, Yves Guillemot is a dick.

(Yes, I know Ubisoft is based in France, but there are quite a few French soldiers out there too.) 



I will not support something I do not agree with, this game looks great and I would love to play it but I will not purchase any Ubisoft products until they use a less restrictive method of DRM. Remember; it's the drops of rain that make the flood. 



yes, the DRM on it sux. i ended up buying it, only to experience most of all the drawbacks of the new DRM system that is set in place. However, it is a good game should those fortunate enough to enjoy it. The only possible drawback i can add is that since getting to around 95% completion, i took a break from the game for some months. Upon reloading (thru steam) AC2, i was not expecting my saved game to NOT be there.

Yes, apparently their servers had issues during my abscence, erasing my saved game in the process. Thanks for not letting me have a copy OFFLINE, Ubisoft. If they charged me a dollar for everytime i wanted an OFFLINE copy of my saved game (due to constant saving) i would rather have that, but was let down in the end.

Good game, though. The new "tomb raiding" levels are well worth the altair armor towards the end. Thankfully i marathoned through the game, and now i can put it to rest, and say "i completed the AC2 main story, and have no saved game file to show for it!".I would give gameplay a 9, as well, because those extra puzzles were pretty creative for a minigame.



Seriously? A 9 for a single player game that needs a constant internet connection?

I'd love to know what happens when Ubi decids to take down the servers. Everyone gets stuck with a $50 coaster?

The first Assassin's Creed was fun but no way Ubi will get any of my hard earned money while employing this DRM system I don't care how good the game is.



y is this getting a review now??? Its been out for 6 months...?



The DRM on this product requires you to be connected to the internet AT ALL TIMES to play the game. Have a hiccup in your connection? Kicked out of the game and loose your progress. This is a far overreach of DRM and should not be encouraged. Never mind disenfranchising people who do not have access to internet 24/7.

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