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While it's true that a FW 800 port can be used to feed a FW400 device, here's a case where having both helped me decide to go with the MBP.  I am a semi-pro musician and I use my MBP as a mobile recording studio (yep, and GarageBand is all the software I need).    

When choosing an  interface box, I completely skipped anything that limited me to a USB connection, because I've heard too many gripes from folks who say that the USB connection leads to skips, odd pops, etc in the recorded signal.  I use a Presonus Firebox 10 and it is clean, clear and transparent.  

Anyway, that talks to my MBP via FW400 and the MBP sends the processed data straight to an external FW800 drive.  I believe that this gives me a cleaner path than the on-board drive because the boot drive is used for paging memory, etc.   Can't do this without both ports.  Thanks for the article.



Nice article, but your wish to exchange FireWire 400 (or 800) for anything else would be major inconvenience for Mac users.  However I would be very happy if USB would be eliminated from every device, except keyboards, mouse and trackballs.  FireWire is superior and much faster, plus it has a sturdy connector, unlike the amateurishly flimsy USB plugs.  I cannot understand why anyone ever thought of using USB with storage devices, including flash card readers, when FireWire is available and universal.



I hear where you're coming from with that, but I think that it would be a much better idea to simply switch over to USB 3.0.  But, I don't think that Apple is going to be adding USB 3 compatability anytime soon. Plus, you say that FireWire is so wonderful, I'm really wondering why it has never caught on... hmm...

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I use Verizon V740 3G Express Slot cellular modem. I have at times opted to use it instead of a clients network due to reliability and speed. I can stream video over the connection, and setup was extremely easy. 

I really think you should update your Headcrabs to be accurate. If you mean it doesn't have a PCMCIA slot, it doesn't. But its ExpressCard slot works like a charm and is much smaller than the PCMCIA slots.

Now... as to the screen, AGREED! It doesn't tip back as far as I am used to, but all in all it hasn't caused that many problems. 



vodafone UK do 3G modems in expresscard 34, and firewire 400 + 800 is absolutely necessary for every MBP owner I know: 400 to connect your HDV/DV camera, 800 for your scratch drive.



We run a Sprint ExpressCard modem in one of the MacBook Pros  at the store where I'm employed and it works like a charm.  Not suprisingly, it can actually outperform our intranet during heavy-traffic hours, but doesn't come anywhere close to a standard broadband connection.  From what I've heard, similar cards from AT&T and Verizon have also yielded good results.  From professional experience, I highly recommend against using the USB cellular adapters, though. Installing and configuring them in OS X is kind of a bear.

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