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If you had taken the time to learn more about it, you would know that on a MacBook,

1-finger tap = left-click, 2-finger tap = right click, 1-finger brush = move curser, 2=finger brush = scroll (even sideways, if you like). 

It is so neat, it was one of the several reasons that I switched from PC to Mac.  The new MacBooks trackpads also do enlarge & other things, like an iPhone. In fact, they don't even have a button. 

The biggest reason for the switch was to get away from Windows & it's virus and a-v software entourage, so the ability to run Windows on the computer is not an advantage, for me.  



Yes this is a good review, except what they failed to mention is that all of this is not true. Tehre are several different
kinds of MacBooks. There are 3 of this type of macbook (To see these 3 go to and click on MacBook). 
and on the other two there is increased speed, RAM, and hard drive. On these other two it is a much better gaming 
experience. If you were to buy one i would recommend the MacBook that costs $1,299.

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