Antec Twelve Hundred



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I bought mine years back, attracted to the volume of air it moved. I never considered the amount of space behind the motherboard's back plane. Maximum PC magazine slammed this case in their review. Now I understand why.

A case marketed to gamers should consider the form necessary to hide our cables and show off our hardware. There's not enough room between the motherboard back plane and the side of the case to fit anything beyond fan wiring (you get about 3/8"). Power cables and SATA cables have to remain inside, crowding an already crowded space. I say crowded, because while the case is tall and spacious vertically, it is cramped front to back and side-to-side.

The case puts your power supply at the bottom. You are planning to install a water cooling kit at the top, right? With the power supply at the bottom of the case, cabling your drives is a nightmare. Power cables are designed to be strung top to bottom. This case forces you to run a line up to the top device, then turn around and drop back down. The leaves big, bending loops of wire that obstruct air flow and crowd your hardware.

You're not going to be able to turn the blue fan LED's off, something that should have been a no-brainer for those of us putting PCs in our bedrooms.

There are other big cases. Buy one of them, instead.



I love the 900... but it gets really cramped when you stuff that hardware...

I agree with the reviewer, wider. I'd even replace that wimpy side fan with a fan equivalent to the top fan.. or bigger.

I dont agree with the front panel either, it looks better on the 900 in my opinion.

Can you say, Antec 1200 Deluxe edition? :P



i think it was a little bit of an unfair review. the 900 had all the same flaws, and it was in best-of-the-best for a long time until it was copied by another company. It's a good case.



You said it yourself: the Nine Hundred had all the same flaws.  While it was the best-of-the-best for its time, there are far better cases -- including full-tower cases -- than a (slightly larger) carbon-copy of the Nine Hundred's design.



ISnt this kind of late. IT was in the september issue



it might be narrow, but i really dont mind



Doesn't look bad but I think I will stick with my Coolermaster Cosmos.



Good case

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