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I was very excited to see that you guys reviewed the 300 when I was perusing your case reviews.  I've been looking at getting one myself, and decided to see what MPC thought of it.  After reading the review, I can't help but question a few things.

First, if you don't want frills, you don't buy them.  I don't think that you should mark a case down because it doesn't have the frills you didn't want when you set out to shop for a case.  If you're looking for spinny lights and see-through panels, go buy them.

Second, like many others have mentioned, the case is only $60.  Comparing it to the likes of a $120+ case is like comparing a hot dog to filet mignon.  Don't expect a $120 case for $60, that's just silly.  The lack of case fans isn't a HUGE deal, since they aren't more than $9 for a good fan.  And since I'm a silent PC snob, I end up replacing most of the fans that a case comes with, if any.

I do, however, agree with the space issues.  Even if it IS a mid tower, you can try to make sure that your case is gonna fit the 8800GTSs and HD4870X2s.  Also the 300 vs 3DO made me giggle :]



To begin with the is a $60 case not a $100 so please compare it accordingly.

The NZXT Tempest is a $120 case as is the Antec 900 so they should be compared together.

The strong point of this case is budget cooling and a $20 case does not have this.

If this case came with a side window like the 900 I would have already bought one. 




I just got this case this week for $57.99 with free shipping from BuyNow Incorporated through, and maybe I don't know much about cases, this being my first home build, but I find it spartan in a good way, since I have no use for showy or fancy. The two included fans keep two hard drives plenty cool, and I had no problem fitting my GeForce 8800 GTS, with plenty of room to spare. I actually didn't want a clear panel because it would be up against a wall anyway since I have a built-in computer desk with one spot for the case.



Verdict should be 7 not 5. Considering I bought this case on Newegg for $70 with FREE SHIPPING, this was a good deal. Most reasons for the low score is just being picky. Having no lights/windows is a GOOD THING. Those things make a case look too cheesy. I don't mind buying a case fan for the HDD since I can choose what I WANT rather than Antec making that choice for me. USB and Audio is enough. eSata would have been nice, but I just use the adaptor for the PCI slot that came with my motherboard. No big deal.



 I like this case. I've got 5 fans running on medium (F@H), so I can hear it. I like hearing it!

The (2) green led fans I put  in front look really cool.

It's a hell of alot better than most cases under $60.


Asus M2A-VM,, Raptor 150,Caviar 200,,AMD 5600+, 2GB Patriot PC2-6400, Gigabyte 8600GT 512 OC'd



Green LEDs? Great idea!

I liked the design of the Nine Hundred, only I thought it was way too flashy.

This case is perfect! 

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