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I wish Antec would take the chassis of the Skeleton and make a compact ATX cube case out of it. Keep the big fan on top, add a cube case chassis around it, maybe drop in a few mounts for 120mm fans and it's a done deal.

Just a thought.



<CITE>there are only two 5.25-inch
and two 3.5-inch bays <BR>
any water-cooling setup will have to
use an external reservoir</CITE>

It's called the Skeleton, not the "Super-deluxe-cram-all-your-hard-drives-and-water-cooling-stuff-in-here."
If you need 9 drive bays, get the P182, Twelve Hundred, or Cosmos. The Skeleton
is NOT for people who need 3 GTX 280's, a 1500 watt PSU, 2 Blu-ray drives,
2 Velociraptors, and 4 TB of mass storage.

If you only use one video card, one
hard drive, a small/medium size CPU cooler, and a 500 watt PSU, then you should consider buying
the Skeleton. Unless you have small children or don't have enough sense
to use compressed air to clean out your computer.

It's a good thing Max PC doesn't review
cars. You might read something like this: "The Prius loses points
for being too small to haul lumber, the engine is too weak to tow a camper
up a steep incline and it won't fit 5 people that weigh more than 300 pounds



i will probly be using for next build.

Ive always wanted a case that realy shows what you have inside. Case windows are so restrictive and this case is so futuristic. Good idea Antec!



One thing that a good PC case that's made of steel provides is electromagnetic shielding. The amazing amount of radio waves, electronic interferences or other cosmic rays reaching one's PC is amazing. Leaving all those parts up in the air is silly. Digital sound is especially vulnerable to interferences.


Nay I say.



I'll be the first one to agree that this is a really bad idea for an every day use kind of pc...but, lets face it...The only way better to show off your GPU's than a case like this is to take em out and put em on the counter.


Keith E. Whisman

Who cares about what the GPU looks like you can wow them with your 3DMark scores. As I look back the 5800FX looked great too.


Keith E. Whisman

Just be extra careful to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze around this thing.



Certainly give kudos to Antec for making a nifty looking concept case.  I don't really see it being viable for the majority of people though.  Just too big a footprint.






At first glance the case looks pretty cool.

But then I realized how susceptible it was to stuff, like dust as mentioned below. Probably something you wouldn't want to place on the floor, to avoid accidental kicks to the machine or an electric shock to yourself.

Also, you might be able to watch a capacitor explode :P



this design looks like it would offer sucky cooling, there's no way you can channel air flow all around your parts like in a typically case



One thing i may note, PC harware is supceptible to DUST...

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