Antec Nine Hundred Two



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Ok, I love you guys, but I cannot fathom why you think a front eSata port is "much more useful" than a front firewire port.  Seriously?  Is eSata even close to becoming slightly mainstream?  If so, I have yet to see any compatible mainstream devices -- save for some external hard-drive docks and enclosures (big whoop!).  Video editing is probably one of the core activities we MaxPC readers enjoy, and having a front firewire port is not just convenient, it's indispensable. 

I have a P180 case and I want to get rid of it because the thing ways a gazzillion pounds.  Sadly, I'm finding the trend to replace front mounted firewire with eSata is picking up its pace.  So until you case-makers get your act in gear, I'm sticking with the P180 (and lest Antec think this is good news, let me assure you foilks I will not be a returning customer until you bring back front mounted Firewire).  Why is firewire disappearing?  Are there any DV Camcorders that utilize eSata connectivity?  Until that's a standard connector on DV Camcorders, Firewire is a "must-have" front port.  Or better yet, include all three modern options on the front -- USB 2.0, Firewire and eSata.  Case-makers, please stop removing the front Firewire port.  And Maximum PC editors, please stop praising them for doing so.



The 900 is a good case, but I prefer my p182 and it's quiet, solid, beautiful gunmetal finished construction.
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