American McGee’s Grimm



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it would nto install on my computer.  had an error message come up a couple times.  funny thing since i have a pimped out Alienware with all drivers up to date.  runs Crysis, Bioshock etc but not Grimm!


yes i am aware about the problem they warn about with AMD dual core (which i have).  but thats no excuse they should have optimized their game.  i see bad day LA written all over this 



Thanks for the positive review!  Out of curiousity, is this a review of just one episode or the product as a whole?  That was unclear to me in the article.  Each episode has different (better?) aspects to it that make the entire first season worth checking out.  Episodic games have proven a challenging new concept for traditional reviewers... food for thought!



the first two chapters.

-- Norm

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