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I wont buy a kindle until the books i buy for the kindle aren't bound to amazon. if amazon decides for whatever reason to cancel my kindle, all my books go with it. If the battery in your kindle goes, it's $80 to replace it and if you had any subscriptions (newpaper, magazine etc) that's all gone unless you kept backups since amazon does not maintain that stuff.

I'd LOVE to buy a kindle - but i wont until the books are in an open format that will work on a pc or other devices.

When you buy a kindle book, its more like you are renting it from amazon. When you buy a book, you own the physical book. You can give it away, resell it, read it anywhere, not just on amazon approved devices.

I really hope amazon goes to an open format - they dropped DRM from their MP3's - now lets see them do the same with books. 



There is no light that is in the Kindle 2.  You can purchase an external LED book light to use at night, if you don't want to use a lamp.  There is a free application, that will convert a PDF to the Kindle format, so that you can upload the file using the USB cable.  Or you can email the PDF file to your Kindle account, and Amazon will convert the file for you at .10 per file.  They will bill you, once you converted 30 files.



Does it have a light for night time reading that you can turn on and off?



Can it read .pdf files, if it can it would greatly increase the value.



What a waste! For this kind of money for a book reader and you have to buy the books. Why not just buy the book and beable to read it in sunlite. Try reading a kindle book reader outside.



It actually works great in sunlight. The screen is very similar to paper, although it can pick up a little bit of glare in the wrong light. A simply anti-glare film over the screen solves the problem.



I read outside with my Sony PRS-505 e-book reader all the time, works great. Kindle uses the same type of screen so I would image the experience is similar. I'm not big on the Kindle's proprietary book format though. I love the fact that I can put any .rtf, or .pdf book onto it using my PC. I have hundreds of classic books that didn't cost me a dime, and will keep me reading for years to come.

 Emailing books for Amazon to convert is a lousy solution if you ask me!

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