Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures



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FunCom has implemented multiple fixes since launch, including rebalancing of classes and whatnot. I myself began at launch and quit a month in as well, but I have since come back after being bored to death of 3.1 in World of Warcraft and sick of waiting for 3.2, not to mention the fact that the majority of the population in WoW is either pre-teens or chinese powerleveling/goldfarming services.

 WoW has lost much of its appeal, even with its upcoming Cataclysm xpack. The Conan xpack, Rise of the Godslayer (if I remember the name correctly) packs much more of an exciting pre-release punch. All Cataclysm provides is a "It's about damn time you let us fly our mounts in Azeroth" feel. Its cons include making the Worgen and Goblins a playable race.

Overall, I feel if Conan were reviewed again, its score should reflect its changes and improvements, making it at least an 8 if not a 9.



I seriously do not think this game should have recieved a 10 and kickass. The game sucked! I unsubscribed after the first month. Way too many bugs, blatant imbalances of classes. You have to play on a pvp server to understand that obviously. No end game content. There is none. Literally, you hit 80, and there is no dungeon to raid. There is nothing!.



That's my bad, Digital-Storm. Tom actually gave the game a 7; when I posted the review I didn't select a verdict from the drop-down box and it defaults to 10-kickass.

So let me repeat: The game got a 7. Not a 10. The mixup was my fault.



I think it has more depth now then World Of Warcraft had at launch.

I especially like it because i'm not a hardcore MMO player and can jump in and out easily, solo if I choose, and feel as though i've accomplished something.

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