Acer Revo RL100-UR20P Review



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 you must tap its surface to click and there’s no means of right-clicking

you guys seemed to gloss over this like its no big deal, its not even in the "Diabolical" section.

that is a 100% dealbreaker and is the differance between having something interesting and having a paper weight.



so i did a search on this and it looks like if you tap to select something you can then long press on the touchpad and it will right click. people seem to hate it for the most part, but at least the feature IS there



I thought this was released QUITE a while back...

"The QWERTY keyboard magically appears on the surface of the trackpad—you won't have a problem using this remote in a darkened home theater."

Even though you see it well, you still won't be able to type it well...

This thing is stuipdly expensive yet does not provide semi-decent performance.

It looks cool, it doesn't play cool, and it feels kind of lame when you actually need to use it.

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