Acer easyStore H340



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Does anyone have ideas about improving the cooling setup for the easystore? I have one and it seems like the atom cpu runs pretty hot under load (idle 58/load 65). I'd just like a leetle more headroom if I want to add-in a low profile htpc graphics card or when I'm transcoding video. Thanks!

To the previous post, log into your home server via the Remote Desktop connection program on your pc. Then go to Add/Remove Programs in the server's Control Panel and remove the McAfee AV that way. That worked for me.


"Shut up, Loiosh."

"I beg your pardon?"

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Does anyone know how to uninstall the McAfee software that comes preloaded on this machine?  It is not listed among the "add-ins".  Thanks in advance for any thoughts. 



nsk chaos

small file transfers take longer than large file transfers? idk much
about severs but i think u got something mixed up here in the
benchmarks. (copy pasted from other nas box review)


nsk chaos

ohhhhhhh kktyvmthx!!!! =)

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