Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222



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"$1400 budget computer"


In WHAT world is $1400 a budget computer? $1400 is TOP-of-the-line... nowhere NEAR "budget". I'm so incredibly tired of reading these blogs, or trying to search for mid-range or budget builds only to find them talking about 4-digit price ranges... A BUDGET COMPUTER SHOULDN'T COST MORE THAN $700 (and that's an enthusiast's gaming computer, at that). Newsflash, MaximumPC: your budget = HUGE compared to a real person's budget. Not everyone (Read: vast majority of people) has money to call $1400 a "budget" amount for a computer.

Please fix this aspect in future articles. Thanks,

90% of population.



   $1400 may not be a common "budget" computer for the average user, but for a MaximumPC machine aimed @ Gaming Enthusiasts, it is indeed Entry level. I think the staff is well calibrated to the market & it is one particular reader that needs to adjust his/her "aspect". These rigs are not for the 90% crowd. They are for those of us that dream about spending more on a PC than a car, and the few that do.



Since when is a $700 pc an enthusiast gamer pc?



I don't know if you know, but that's the basis of Maximum PC. Reviewing the best, top of the line, costing at least twice as much as a reasonable person will. but that's the beauty of Maximum PC. It's like watching Top Gear and complaining that they review cars that you can't afford and will never buy. It's about dreaming, and if you wanted a review of a $700 computer, just ask any guy at a computer store. How would you sell a magazine reviewing $500 computers?



Cheesy gimmicky ugly crap.


Keith E. Whisman

I've had an Acer Laptop and a Desktop and an Acer OEM CDRW drive. The got the desktop back in the early 1990's and the laptop about 5 years ago and the CDRW back in 2000. I'm shocked that they have made it so big lately. They should do everything they can to stay where they are at. 


I don't like the graphics card and that's all. Hell I would be just as happy with a 5870 Radeon if the GTX480 is just out of the question. I just can't live with the 470.



So, a gimicky faceplate that gets in the way of working on the thing, a bunch of PET plastic ducts; which are for some reason brittle clear plastic in a case WITH NO WINDOW, and will probably break the first time you try to remove them to work on it... and aside from a big storage tank and the 12 gigs ram, mostly midrange setup in a machine targetted at the bleed-edge alienware demographic?

I already have a healthy dislike of Acer products, but this just has the old "u r teh fail" meme all over it. I imagine it will end up disappointing hard core gamers and being too extreme in looks for more casual buyers... but I could be wrong and have been before.



Keep the videos coming! 




Yeah it makes me wanna turn my head AWAY from it with hurling convulsions. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS PIECE OF CRAP? OMG. PIECE OF TRASH.



My 1st PC was an Acer 386sx...the Predator looks much more interesting than that one.

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