Acer Aspire One



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The recovery software commonly shipped with the ACER products will not reload a machine if the hard disk partitions have been altered.  Additionally, the installtion of Linux will cause the first parition to be unhidden, which causes the system to crash. 

After many hours talking to Acer about this problem, they still refused to fix their recovery DVD's.  They have a "ISO" that will reformat the hard disk, but that does not work either.  

The only option that Acer provides is for you to send the machine back to the vender that sold it to you, or to Acer for reloading.  Acer refuses to fix their software.

Acer offically does not support dual boot machines (Windows & Linux) despite the fact they sell Linux with some of their notebooks.

As for this author, I will never recommend the purchase of Acer equipment, nor will I ever consider the computers in the future.



Your specs are wrong, it does not have bluetooth.  But  I Love my AAO anyway :)

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