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It's small and compact, and is pretty quick. In the item description, it states that the hard drive is 160 GB. When I got the computer, I read the box and it states that the actual formatted capacity is less and may vary depending on preloaded materials and operating environment. When I actually looked at my computer's hard drive, it was 133 GB. I just wanted to share that because I know that some people will use this for pictures, video and music. I am using it almostly exclusively for surfing the internet, emails, and Microsoft Word.See Here: Acer Aspire Laptop



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Well, I question the complaints about the video capabilities; is anyone looking at a sub-$1000 laptop with a touch interface really looking to play Crysis and Halo at bleeding edge resolutions in the first place? Of course this is not a gaming rig. I'd also have liked a bit of info on how the keyboard and trackpad feed back and feel, and compared to other laptops. Same with the layout of the ports. The thing could have the latest QM processor in it and 8 gigs of ram, but of the keyboard feels like a stack of badly-balanced cardboard dominos and you're constantly breaking off USB sticks cause all the ports point at your gut, it still wouldn't be a worthwhile purchase at this price point.


That said, it sounds like a capable mid-level machine in an other-wise muddled field, (as you comment in trying to class it reveals) and deserving of a 6.5 - 7 because of its decent ram and processor combined with the touch interface. All though frankly, I'd never buy another Acer product myself, I've owned two in the last five years, and between them, one is prone to component failures, and the other is just badly under-powered considering its raw specs. Though they do have great Wifi reception, as good as my mimo USB products.


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Keith E. Whisman

Although this laptop really looks nice, I just can't agree with the 7 verdict. The reason why I can't agree with it is because I don't think that it rates that high in it's product category. Most laptops with touch screens are convertible laptop that can convert into a tablet. Since this laptop clearly cannot convert into anything more than a closed lit laptop, then I believe the score should be more like a 5 Verdict and that's being more fair to the other manufacturers that build laptops more to the maximumPC standards of being a stand out for being the fastest and most powerful product in your product category. So clearly the ram, cpu, display (resolution wise), and GPU are all lesser parts with much more faster and more powerful parts available to choose from. So you see a 7 Verdict just is too high of a score for this product.

Perhaps if this laptop could convert into a tablet then the score should go up wildly because the hardware specs are a little above average for convertible laptops, but for laptops in general, no, not at all. So just a 5 score is perfect for this. Maybe even a 6 verdict because it has the touchscreen but not higher then that. 



Why can't you guys include the price in with all the breakdown of the specs? I can quickly and easily scroll down and see what kind of proc or whatnot is in the machine but if I wanna know how much it costs I have to search through, or heaven forbid actually read the review. The cost just seems like a very crucial spec or stat of the product it seems dumb that you wouldn't include it in the quick breakdown of the thing. 


Also the text to the "+" box is cut off



We've avoided putting prices in on-line reviews because we they're destined to be inaccurate over time. That's understandable in print, but not so much on the web. We hoped that Pricegrabber would provide an alway-current street price, but as you can see, that database is flawed.

As for the cut-off "+" comments: that was just sloppy editing: The box for that text is a fixed size and I didn't notice that it overflowed.



You did include the price in the review, you just put it in a less convenient place. Isn't the point of these reviews to inform potential buyers, that seems like to much of a key factor to leave out. So I can scroll down to the bottom see, the score, the specs and the price get a pretty good idea of what it is, and if its what I'm looking for, and in my price range, then I'll read the review. Sure, over time the price will be inaccurate, but isn't that what the date on the article is for? a review of this product at that time. 


Keith E. Whisman

The price is quoted in the first paragraph. 

At least they did a pretty good job of writing a review with a Score. 

The latest issue of CPU magazine has several reviews and on each review they describe how they come up with their score, but only one of the reviews has a score. That really bugs the crap out of me. If your not going to give a review score then why bother printing how you come up with review scores. LOL.. So MaximumPC isn't the only magazine that makes mistakes or does things that are completely illogical. 

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