Accell’s UltraAV HDMI 4:2 Switch



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Don't Nike....Before U die...Ask..... Why?


I use A Denon Home Theater Reciever With A built in HDMI switch.  I attached a Media Center PC running Vista Ultimate, and the Denon would only switch and display a computer picture when I booted up the PC.   I thought it was a problem with the Denon's HDMI Switch.   However, I decided to Upgrade my PC motherboard's onboard  Network Chipset drivers (realteck) updated the PC's Video Card drivers (ATI Radon) and upgraded to Vista's SP1.     Proplem solved.    I do not know if the issue was in just one of the devices or if it was a cumilation of all three issues.  But I can bet that the problem is not the HDMI switch but rather driver issues within the PC.   Thanks....... 

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