Reinvent the Windows Wheel



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I'm startled to see that one very useful shortcut; Windows Key+E, which opens Windows Explorer, was omitted from the list of productive shortcuts. I use this shortcut many times daily and am always amazed at the number of my users who don't know about it. Your list of shortcuts puzzles me in other ways; why is something as mundane, (but is useful) as Shift+Tab included, while Win Key+E is not? Note: Windows Key alone will bring up the Start menu, and Windows Key+D = Desktop; another way to minimize all windows, bringing you directly to your desktop. Good job, Paul! The world can be a better place now that more people know these important shortcuts - I'm just surprised, being in such awe of Maximum PC, that you missed the shortcut to Windows Explorer.



Hello. Eager job. I did not wait this on a Wednesday. This is a echt prevarication. Thanks!


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Wow some of those Vista tips were helpful and very informative thank you!!



The link to the Sizer homepage (on page 6, under the 'Resize Windows to Specific Dimensions' section) appears to be broken. The link povided points to "" instead of "".

Just too bad the app isn't supported on Vista. Would be nice if it was... :-(


au79scorpion    (for sizer)

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