Refresh 2 Out for Vista and XP Beta Testers, but Users Wait (Officially)



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I thought I may have to remove the soundcard to install Vista SP1. It's just such a pain to remove a devices to install a SP1 for anything.

But I guess I have too if I want to install Vista SP1.

I definitely will share the out-come when it you guys.





I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit on my Gaming system and I just read that SP1 want install if it detects a device driver isn't install properly.

Well I got a question? If you have a Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series sound card with a midi interface attach to that card and Vista says it doesn't support this particular device and the driver doesn't want install properly what heck I'm a suppose to do????

I just purchase this soundcard just a couple months ago at a prices of $150.00 bucks Just play my games and communicate with my CLAN in BF2.

Now that's beats all. Micrsoft screws me again...




It sounds as if Creative's drivers might not be following Vista best practices. Microsoft is citing driver problems in their decision to hold up downloads of the final SP1 package until mid-March and WU automatic updating until Mid-April (see for details).

If you're having a problem installing SP1 RC/RC Refresh right now (or the final SP1 when it's available), try uninstalling the card before installing SP1, and reinstalling it afterwards. This tip is suggested by the Vista blog announcing the release of SP1 to manufacturing (linked in the article listed above).

The latest (November 2007) drivers for 32-bit Vista X-Fi cards are here:

This page has a list of setup tips for running BF2 on X-Fi cards:

Let us know if this helps.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Yes, I've tried the patch last night and followed the easy steps, it's a snap. No worries. Though it does take some time through the Window's update application.

Warning: For those with pirated copies, the SP1 -RC Refresh patch goes after "signatures" so I am pleased about this fact, really am.

I dind't notice much of a speed increase except with the following:

1.) IE 7.0 is a tad bit quicker.
2.) Network file transfers are slightly faster
3.) Outlook 2007 is snappier on startup and Mail transfers.
4.) Better utilization of System RAM. More responsive.
5.) Some quirks with the Windows Sidebar is now resolved.
6.) My Dual-Core seems to act a bit more responsive, least its reflecting so on my Windows Sidebar. Could be related to item 5.
7.) It certainly made my Media Player a heck of lot more responsive -- I have a massive music collection and album art was snappier in displaying all the art work as I scrolled down without any "Stuttering" from the video department.
8.) Photoshop CS3, Visual Studio 2008, Quickbooks Primier 2008, Adobe Acrobat 8 3D was much faster on bootup.
9.) Overall I/O seems to be a tad bit faster.

I feel it was certainly worth my time doing the update and I am relieved that I took the time in this update. My Vista x64 was running great before and I was and is, having a wonderful experience with it.

I hope this helps everyone out there contemplating this update.



Check out both pages of the thread at

This *may* solve the problem. Please keep us posted!



When you go to do all of this, you finally get to the automatic update part to get the SP1 and at about 13% download you get an error. Do yourself a favor before installing, google this error: 80073712

I realy hope they fix this before putting out the official SP1 as it looks like the same error people have been having for 3 months and it's still not working today.

The only fix I've seen people who were able to install the SP1 is to do a fresh install of Vista. Then run the SP1, then it works. Tell that to all of us who bought a new Vista computer January of 07 and have since installed 160 gigs of programs! Good luck.



has anyone tried the Vista Refresh 2 registry hack?

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