Razer Mako 2.1 Speaker System



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They are stupid looking. The design has no comparison to their mice and keyboards.



I'm always more concerned with the way a speaker sounds than the way that it looks...

Might just be me though :)



Article says, "...but the Mako’s sub is one of the best we’ve heard at this price point," but doesn't seem to tell us what that might be. Possible to add that to the piece somewhere?



Good point. We've been reluctant to put prices in the online reviews, because they change so frequently and it's not possible for us to police old reviews to make sure we're presenting current information.

We thought people would check their favorite online retailer for up-to-date street prices, but it looks as though the Mako still hasn't hit retail in volume.

So, to make an already too-long answer short, Razer's press release says they expect the system to sell for $400.

Michael Brown
Executive Editor



Could you perhaps include a "Price as of [posting date]"? That way, we'd have an idea of how recent the price is, and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping price information up to date. I think we'd prefer to see the price at the time of posting -- especially for those of us who hound your site looking at the latest reviews -- than have to check each item separately.

Not only do we all solemnly promise to be very understanding about old price information, but indeed it might be interesting or even amusing, down the road, to look back at the starting price of things you review.

Thanks guys!

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