Razer Krait


Razer Krait

We’ve traditionally slammed Razer mice because their oversize buttons are too easy to accidentally click and their low-profile ambidextrous design hurts our hands over long sessions. The new Krait ditches the obnoxious, impossible-to-click side buttons that we detested on the Copperhead model and streamlines the overall shape of the mouse, for a mousing experience that had us pleasantly surprised.

The Krait’s 1600dpi optical sensor delivers Razer-style pixel-perfect accuracy. Its super-slick feet glide across our mouse pad with practically no drag at all, and its buttons deliver just the right resistance—neither too difficult nor too easy. The illuminated scroll wheel and side rails make it easy to see the Krait in a dark room. While this is one of the better Razer mice we’ve tested, it’s still far from perfect.

Although you can change the sensitivity on the fly using Razer’s software, you shouldn’t plan on using that feature for this three-button mouse. Because the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment requires that you map a button on the mouse to use that feature, you’d have to map the right mouse button to actually enable the feature. While we love dialing down the mouse speed when we’re sniping, we wouldn’t sacrifice the ability to zoom in Battlefield 2 to get extra sensitivity. Still, with its kick-ass $30 street price and pin-point accuracy, it’s pretty easy to recommend.

Month Reviewed: November 2006
+ CARL: Super-sensitive gaming design for a great price.
- LENNY: Only three buttons; on-the-fly sensitivity doesn’t work well.
Verdict: 8
URL: www.razerzone.com



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