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This is ok software i rather just use winamp which has come a long way has plenty of features etc, or even just have pandora open and playing some stations. I'm a huge music fan and love live shows i just got a bunch of shinedown photos from a concert of theirs  as well as some new CD's.


But I think there are online music stores that offer the same bit-rate quality when downloading a song?



In my opinion, 128Kb/s is low fidelity; but that's the bit rate at which most Internet radio stations stream, so this isn't a limitation that RadioTracker imposes.

When I rip tracks from CD, I use FLAC or WMA Lossless to obtain the best quality I can. I buy very few tracks from download services other than Music Giants, which is the only service I know of that supports WMA Lossless.

But I'm not a true audiophile: I also "rent" music from Rhapsody (typically, songs from artists that I don't follow as thoroughly). I like music-rental services because I can listen to an extremely diverse collection of music without spending a fortune on CDs. But there's a definite trade-off in terms of audio quality.

In any event, the "right" bit rate is in the ear of the beholder.




I have Radiotracker for a while now but all the songs it has recorded were ok. I mean, there was no difference between a recorded song by Radiotracker and for instance a bought file from napster.
So, I must say, that, in my oppinion, such a tool is very welcome for the most common user, I mean how many people wanting to have music on their pc's are aware of the difference between music with 128Kb/s and/or 256Kb/s or more.



Thanks for pointing out my typo; you are correct, I meant to write kilobits per second.


Michael Brown
Executive Editor



The Wishlist function that is discussed in this article was a good experience for me, Radiotracker brought all the tracks I have defined in the wishlist.
The Problem with the genre selection could be, and most probably is, related to the stations streaming the music.
The fact is, that you can select a certain genre and a station fits to this category, but they will eventually air some other music too. Or they can list themselves in a wrong genre category. So if you get a few tracks that do not belong to a certain genre, it's no biggy.




@Michael Brown: I think 128 kbit/s were meant, not 128 Mb/s.
I have been using Radiotracker since first versions were available and I am quite positive that 128kbit/s is the right bitrate.



I think 128 Mb/s is a bit high. Kb perhaps. But I'm definitely going to check it out.

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