Putting the party in our LAN party

Putting the party in our LAN party

AADA-compliant Dodgeball, pizza eating contests, all night gaming and best of all FREE HARDWARE!

That seemed to sum up last year’s Maximum PC / PC Gamer Showdown LAN party held in San Jose, California. If you didn’t go to the LAN party, I can tell you it was geek heaven. It was a 48-hour, e-ticket ride to game, geek and see trick machines. Besides giving people the spiel on upcoming hardware, for me, the coolest part was hanging out with the readers and geeking about upcoming hardware trends and seeing their rigs.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the party last year, we're having two more this year. One on the west coast and another on the , um, more easter coast. If you want more information just visit the web site.

Here's a few highlights from last year's party.

It as a barn full of PCs and geeks
It was a barn full of PCs and geeks.


The gamers did get somesunshine for the water balloon toss.


The free hardware flowed and here PDX Lan gives away a Core 2 Duo motherboard at midnight.


Wait, you have to have a contest to eat pizza? Who needs motivation?


I don't care if they're giving away a truckload of DX10 cards and quad-core CPUs -- I'm not swapping clothes with someone who hasn't showered in three days.


It's true, PC Gamer's The Vede loves himself more than anything in this world.


Free T-shirts for everyone!



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