Psst! Want to Hack Your Hardware? Here's How!



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You got to love Hardware Hacks


Keith E. Whisman

Does the Audigy2 share the same pin arrangement as the Xfi?



Very nice my Dell Axim has been collecting dust for quite some time now and I was about to buy one of those programable LCD displays to show my temps during gaming sessions. Finding a new use for an old tool is one of the most satisfying feelings. Thanks Norm



Just as another option, at the auto store you can buy one of those no-slip mats, that are made to go on your dashboard. They have a relatively "tacky" no slip feature that if used on your charging station box would prevent things from falling or bumping around should the box get knocked.


I'm still brainstorming how to make custom cradles for everything.


"There's no time like the future."



I recently took my first steps in soundproofing my already quiet XPS 420 case. I purchased Dynamat Extreme (top of the line name, top of the line results) and it was a snap to install. The noise from vibration of my HDD is greatly reduced, and the relatively cheap modification was definitely worth it.



The x-fi hack was in the July 2006 issue. It bears repeating but it is unfortunate that creative doesn't make, list or provide a link for a cable to convert their outputs for front panel use. They'd sell for sure.


founding reader



"A roll of linerless rubber splicer tape will do the job and is available at Home Depot for $3 a pop."

Is that just electrical tape without adhesive?
Cause I have electrical tape but not "linerless rubber splicer tape".



This is pretty much a great article. I was just thinking the other day about how MaxPC has gotten away from it's old school roots of hardware hacks. Great to see you guys bringing something like this back.

In the "Create a Charging Station" section, you seem to imply sloths are...messy? "Just because you’re a gadget junkie doesn’t mean you have to be a sloth." Urm. What? Sloths are known for being very slow. Did you mean to say "slob"?



sloth is 1 of the 7 deadly sins .... it is the one pertaining to messy people and dirtiness. slob is just a slob.

go watch Se7en.



The splatted kitteh was the best, my apologies to TheMurph.



Some media readers use a removable USB Type A/Type B cable that is designed to plug into a USB port on the rear of the system (or an internal port on a USB add-on card). However, if you buy one of these and you have a spare USB header on the motherboard, follow Gordon's advice to convert a spare USB port rear bracket into an internal adapter and you're all set:

When you shop for a media reader, make sure it also works with the media types you want to use. One potential concern right now is the popular SDHC format used for 4GB and larger SD-type cards. You must make sure your reader (and your digital camera or other device) can read them.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Now you've gone and done it.

Just go ahead and give me MORE projects to immerse myself in that will take me away from the things I SHOULD be doing!

You've sparked my imagination!
Thanks tremendously for this.

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

Um I loved this article when I read it in the magazine last night on the toilet. Why is this article in the News section though? Shouldn't this be in the From The Mag section? Oh well I'm sure the missing Podcast has something to do with this.

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