PS3 Hacker Heads to South America, Sony is Not Amused [Update: He's Just on Vacation]



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"Hotz has previously managed to raise a substantial legal defense fund, so the case could theoretically proceed without him to some degree"


Nice to have money. Lucky SOB


Mighty BOB! is reporting that he sent his hard drives to Sony without the controller card(s).


"What? Why are you looking at me? All they wanted was the drives, not the controllers."

I'm still hoping that he was using full-drive encryption.  Or maybe a RAID 0 array with some key bits "missing."


The link for replying to this article is:


What would cause the comment button to suddenly stop working?  What kind of update got rolled out to the site?



@MightyBOB - I'm not replying to ur comment, it's just that I can't make separate comments, so I have to use Reply to add my 2c. Might be because I upgraded FF4 in Ubuntu :P, but maybe not.

Oh f**king well, Sony!

He still has the right to take a vacation. It's not illegal to take a vacation unless he leaves permanently, then he can be held in contempt.


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