ProShow Gold 3.0


ProShow Gold 3.0

ProShow Gold has long been the, umm, gold standard for wedding, portrait, and studio photographers who want to show work to clients on a DVD, and we can see why. With its smooth user interface and dizzying number of effects and customizations, ProShow Gold instantly became our favorite slide-show program.

Version 3.0 is quite a major update from 2.6, and one of the key changes is right up our alley: multicore support. On a dual-core machine, we saw both cores operating at 100 percent—just the way they should be. After all, if you paid for the hardware, you should be able to wring every bit of performance out of it. Also new is the ability to output your video to Adobe

Flash format, QuickTime, Windows Media, or HD-resolution AVI files.
When testing ProShow Gold 3.0 we created a high-quality first-pass photo slide show within an hour. The UI is easy to use, but not quite as simple as our previous fave, CodeJam’s MemoriesOnTV 3.0. It isn’t that ProShow is particularly difficult to use, it’s that the sheer number of options, switches, and sliders available can overwhelm a newbie. For example, MemoriesOnTV 3.0 features several pre-canned multislide effects that you can apply in a few seconds. Achieving the same effects in ProShow Gold 3.0 takes quite a bit of tinkering. The same tinkering, however, gives you much more nuanced control over your final product. And while there are a few things you can do in MOTV 3.0 that you can’t do in ProShow Gold 3.0, ProShow Gold does many more things better.

So what’s there to complain about? We have a few minor UI quibbles: You should be able to screw around with a slide and click Cancel if you don’t want to commit to a change. As it is now, your actions are applied as you experiment. You can perform a simple undo, but we’d rather just be able to click Cancel. Adding a second audio stream for narration is clumsy, but removing the narration is even clumsier. Regardless, we’re really just digging for problems because overall this is our new favorite slide-show app.


With a little tinkering around, you'll be a photo-displaying pro in no time.


There isn't a simple "cancel" option, so experimenting is a little complicated. Luckily ProShow Gold 3.0 offers ye olde "undo" feature.




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