Podcast coming... Tuesday!


Podcast coming... Tuesday!

Short answer: We're recording two podcasts this week, so expect to see a honkin' dose of technological merriment this Tuesday and Thursday.

Long answer: Well, the reason there wasn't a podcast last week is because we're currently working super-hard on finishing the July issue of the magazine. Gven that podcasts take a long time for us to record -- since we have to really rev up our humor and wit generators beforehand -- we thought it would have been most prudent if we accomplished things in the following order:

  1. Make a magazine
  2. Make a podcast
  3. Make a lolcat

So please accept our humble apologies for not noting this in some kind of formal web post last week. We hope our minor lapse in posting doesn't interfere with your ability to otherwise enjoy the audio version of our fine technological know-hows. In the meantime, please enjoy a free album of music. It's on us.



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Is it just me, or has there been 2 missed podcasts? I was really looking forward to May 30th podcast. This note from you was dated May 05.

Color me confused. So, where is the podcast? Are all you guys in trouble? Busy? Fired? Bored? Angry?

Miss the podcast very much.



I have been waiting days for it to come out! Thank you very much!!

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