PNY MaxFile Attache


PNY MaxFile Attache


The PNY drive not only sports the most capacity in this roundup, it’s also the fastest. It blew the others out of the water in our 3GB read/write test. Its read speed (361 seconds) was an incredible minute and a half faster than the Verbatim drive, and its write speed (430 seconds) was an ass-kicking three minutes faster than both the Verbatim and Western Digital models.

And it’s a good thing this drive is fast, because it’s lacking in almost every other regard.

The Attaché has an incredibly flimsy “flick-out” USB head that rotates 180 degrees for easy access, but feels like it could snap off at the slightest touch. The rest of the unit is just as chintzy, despite its advertised “durable anodized aluminum housing.” It’s more like a plastic, aluminum-coated housing.

The Attaché’s software package is easy to review, since there isn’t one. These days we expect any key to include software, but the Attaché is just a storage bucket.

Sure, the Attaché offers blazing speed, but that’s all. We prefer a more well-rounded package when it comes to personal storage.

Month Reviewed: September 2006

+ BOB BARKER: Faster than other drives tested; cheap storage.

- BARKING DOGS: No bundled software; flimsy USB head.





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