Perplexity.jpgDo you like brainteasers? Well, we love ‘em, whether they involve words, logic, math, or images. And we’ve never found as rich a source of brain food as the UK-based alternate-reality game (ARG) PerplexCity. ARGs are games that blur the line between the game world and the real world by hiding clues for you to find, both on the Internet and in meatspace.

There are two components to PerplexCity: 256 different puzzle cards as well as the real-world search for the lost Receda Cube, which is hidden in, well, the real world. Cryptic messages in the puzzle cards and on the Internet point to the Cube’s secret location, and the first person to find the cube wins $200,000!

The puzzles’ difficulty range from very easy (basic illusions and trivia) to insanely difficult (cryptographic challenges that could require the combined efforts of hundreds of people). When you solve a puzzle, you enter the answer at As you correctly solve the puzzles, your account is credited with points, so you can compare your progress in the game with the online leader boards.

The ARG portion of the game is interesting, but we especially love the challenge of the puzzle cards.

Month Reviewed: May 2006

Verdict: 9




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