May 2010: Security Software Showdown



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Ted Nicols

Indeed it would be nice to be able to download the .pdf, but at least I could open it. Even though it's from last year, the anti-virus program article still interests me. I still have troubles with recognizing which Exe Files could pose problems to one's PC and which are beneficial exe files.



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i enjoy your article. great job. <a rel="follow" href="">keep it simple</a>



  I was surprised avg wasnt rated with the rest.



Hello MAX PC, Why I can't download your files .pdf?I really need those files...I think all maximum pc fans can't download it too.I hope you can fix those problem...please..



Ok Max PC...couple things

1. Normally you guys are pretty good and I get my subscription mag a month early (at least). I just got my May issue TODAY and find that I could've downloaded the whole thing YESTERDAY. What exactly am I paying for here and why on earth do you allow downloads of the current month's issue less than a week into the month?

2. No mention of AVG in this article? It was Max PC that got me on AVG and it has been my undefeated AV goalie for years now. I don't do a reinstall without it...and it's free.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey give a pat on the back to the person that came up with the idea of putting a picture of the magazine issue that an article comes from. Great idea. We can comment on how we hated the magazine article or loved it. Hopefully this is being done as a kind of market research kind of thing where you learn what articles your readers think sucks and you don't ever do them again.

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