May 2009: Build the Ultimate TV & Movie PC


May 2009: Build the Ultimate TV & Movie PC

In the PDF archive of the May 2009 issue you can find:

  • Build a Living Room PC
  • RAM Challenge
  • Open Office
  • Awesome Product Reviews, including Dell's XPS One
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Best of the Best
  • How-to Bonanza
  • And a whole lot more!

Click the big giant cover image to the right to download the PDF archive today!



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they could charge us more, and get more people doing spellchecking, if u want that for 1or2 errors every 2or3 magazines :P just sayin



How about providing a massive pdf download so I don't have to dl each individual magazine?



How about subscribing to the magazine you cheapo. Then use your scanner and scan the articles you want into your computer.



now that's funny



We had to go to NewEgg.

That's it. That's all that's missing. Two words.



Editor Edwards, really, the point here is that any article particularly a technical one tends to lose it's value, quality, not to mention it's authenticity if it is incomplete, and or undeciphereable.

How was a reader to know that the missing word(s) is NewEgg? Or that the paragraph did not go on for another several dozen words? I imagine that Maximum PC readers are pretty smart , but I did not know that they are Fortune Tellers who can look at a blank page and immediately infer what the author of the unwritten article intends to write.  

I have been reading Maximum PC for many years now, and my current subscription is valid until 2011, but I can not tell you the countless errors (missing words, mis-spelled words, proof-reading errors, grammatical errors), that continue to show up both on-line and on each paper edition. Keep in mind that a missing word here, a missing word there pretty soon adds up to a whole missing paragraph.



Where is the rest of the article on page 24 of the May 2009 issue? I have checked both the paper and online editions and can not find it. This is another glaring example of the many editing and proof-reading errors of Maximum PC publishing. 



I think you're missing a page from the "Build a Living Room PC" feature.

On Page 24 you end with, "You can find right-angle STA connectors at pretty much any screwdriver shop or on Amazon, but to find the cables shorter than 18 inches, we had to go"

Where's the rest of it? Am I missing something. I read the entire issue cover to cover and could not find the rest of the article.




That mistake is also found in the print version of the magazine.  I was hoping the PDF would have the missing section, but I suppose not.

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