March 2011: Power Up Your Windows Apps


March 2011: Power Up Your Windows Apps

In the PDF archive of the March 2011 issue you can find:

  • Power Up Your Windows Apps with 79 Must-Read Tips
  • How to Build a Sub-$1000 Sandy Bridge Rig
  • Videocard Prizefight: AMD vs. Nvida
  • Deathmatch: LCD vs. Plasma
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Best of the Best
  • The 10 Best Technologies and Products from CES 2011
  • And a whole lot more!

Click the cover image on the right to download the PDF archive today!



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How can i get these? Shutters Brisbane



Sure wish the PDFs actually worked.  I get the same result as humorme.  It's embarrassing when a once-great tech magazine can't even get PDF display working correctly.  Maybe you guys should switch to a home improvement mag, or a gardening mag - those seem to be more your speed these days.



I was looking forward to accessing the archives but I can't. In Firefox I get an error message that says it is not a PDF file and in IE 8 I get just a blank white broser screen. Is it me?



i appreciate pdf section. and i downloaded the entire MPC pdf section.


not everyone has unlimited internet broadband, i use a monthly limited download size, so the large size of your new pdf issues become a problem to me.

and i can't figure up the need for these heavy weight issues.



"i appreciate pdf section. and i downloaded the entire MPC pdf section."

Same here, although its a pain to download all of them.

If you (Maximum PC) doesn't mind the suggestion, could we have an option to select which PDF's to download? Or at least an option to download a compressed file with all of the PDF's in it?

It would make it easier for those who want the entire digital collection to get it all at once.


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