August 2010: Build the Ultimate TV & Movie PC



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even though i have downloaded and read these pdf's in the past I can't open or download any of them now, I have logged into the site and everything, thank God I subscribe the magazine and won't miss anything but I would like to throw out the older mags that I have. anyone have any suggestions, i have adobe reader and foxit installed but nothing



I saw the August issue at my Doctor's office and was very interested in the "Build the Ultimate TV and Movie PC" article.  This led me to re-subscribe recently when a post card for that purpose arrived in the mail.  After subscribing, I found this issue on the free PDF download site, which made it even better!  Thanks!  I'm still looking forward to my print issues, of course.



I had once subscribed and will again... 

Don't listen to those who belly ache about how long it takes you to put the pdf copy here.  If you were 6 months behind it would still be good reading.


Keep up the good work MaximumPC... You are the one magazine I read when I travel.



For those wanting the PDF versions for free, be happy that they are even allowing you access to them without having to subscribe to the magazine.

If you can't wait, then subscribe to the print version. It's not that expensive and it's worth it.

Otherwise, quit your belly-aching! It IS free after all. Keep up the complaining and they might just remove free access to non-subscribers.




WTF guys stop slacking off why no PDF since august we're now in November



Its nearly two months since you have posted this august 2010 issue. Are you still planning on posting the september or october issues?When do you plan to post it here for free.




I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for making the .PDF archive free to all. I don't really have the time to always keep up with the latest edition of technology publications anyway, so having free access to last month's edition which I can download to my Ipad for reading whenever I like is great. Keep up the great work!


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