One part case, one part cooler, eight parts awesome



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I have modified freezones on both of my rigs.The one that on my Qx6800 gives temps of 26c/24c/19c/ 17c The one thats on the e6850 has sub-zero temps at idle -2c -2c underload 8c&10c The Delta 150cfm works great.I did have their 191 cfm on the QX that gave temps in the teens,but it was just a little to loud. With a mild OC of 3.2Ghz i ended up with a 3D Mark06 score of 17,554 I belive if i bump it up to 3.46Ghz ill be past 18,000

Striker Extreme / Two 8800Ultras / QX6800 with a
modified Freezone / BFG PhysX card / 4Gb PC8500 Dominators / Two WD 150GB Raptors two samsung 250Gb HDDs / CoolerMaster 1K / CoolerMaster Black 830 Stacker / 2/ 20x LG DVD burners / HP 24" LCD / Saitek Red



i must be doing good with a system temp of 27C, and 33C at the CPU, simply by using two hard drive fans on my Shuttle enclosure.



27C and 33C maybe if the computer is turned off

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